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Our Company can trace it roots back to our founding shareholder and Managing Director, Mr. Chanvisal Pheng, who started our business together with couples of freelance architects in 2012.Then in 2017, as part of our rebranding and corporate exercise, our Company was incorporated under our current name on 2 June 2017 with the registration with MOC as single private limited company with an initial capital of KHR Two Million (KHR200,000,000) equivalent to USD50,000.

In this Company Profile, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words, expression and terms shall have the following meanings and shall apply throughout.

  • BAC: Board of Architects Cambodia
  • Cambodia: Kingdom  of Cambodia
  • Company or VFROM: Vform Design & Construction Co., Ltd. was incorporated and registered in Cambodia as a single private limited liability company with commercial registration no. 00025603 on 2 June 2007.
  • Company Profile: A written notice or statement about background of our  Company, and including a supplementary or replacement of our Company Profiles, if any
  • F&B: Food  and Beverage
  • ISO: International Organization for Standardization
  • KHR: Khmer Riels
  • LPD: 31 August 2017, being the latest practicable date for certain information to be obtained and disclosed in this Company Profile
  • MOC: Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia
  • SQM: Square  meter(s)
  • USO: United States Dollar

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Mr. Chanvisal Pheng is our Managing Director since our incorporation.

Currently, he is responsible for overseeing the business development activities as well as the overall architecture designs of our Company.

He obtained a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning degree from Norton University, Cambodia in 2011. He is a Registered Architect from BAC since May 2014. Kindly refer to Appendix II for such certificate issued by BAC.

Throughout the years, he have gained valuable experience in architecture design while leading our team in bidding for new business ventures and oversight for the completion of numerous projects for residential, commercial and public works.

He has more than six (6) years of experience in the architecture design, building construction and business management fields. He started his career as an Architect in Pisnoka International Corp., Ltd. with the responsibility of architecture design and quality control for building works.
Subsequently, in 2012, he founded his own business as an independent architecture contractor under the trademark “Wethink" and at the same time, he also supplies construction materials and decoration works under the name of “CMSC" before establishment our Company in 2017.